How to Have a Great Event

and how to making the most of your day

What to expect
Arrival and registration is from 8.30am. The Migrant Woman Conference 2016 will promptly begin at 9.15am and will finish by 5.20pm followed by a wine and networking reception. You can expect 10 professional speakers and guests to deliver motivational speeches.  Members of the Migrant Woman Conference 2016 team will be wearing red t-shirts and will be available to assist you.

The standard tickets include a non-designated seat in the main conference hall, with tea or coffee during the mid morning  break and the end of day wine reception, with ample opportunities to network during the day. Food and refreshments will be available to purchase.

VIP tickets include reserved seating near the front, morning and afternoon tea or coffee and a fork buffet lunch with the speakers and members of the Migrant Woman Award 2016 judging panel, the end of the day wine reception, plus some great bonuses.

The final afternoon session will conclude at 4.30pm with the Migrant Woman of the Year Award 2016 followed by a charity auction and raffle and then the wine and networking reception at 5.20pm. Please see the schedule page for more details.

Making the most of your day
We recommend all attendees to wear comfortable and smart clothing. The event will be recorded and there will be photographers taking pictures during the day which will be used for publicity afterwards.

Your consent is presumed unless you let us know in advance if you do not want to appear in any of the pictures or video recordings, which can be discreetly identified on your pass.

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The Conference will be hosted at Millennium Gloucester Hotel, Kensington, London.
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