Penelope Magoulianiti – Author and Entrepreneur

Penelope Magoulianiti – Author and Entrepreneur


Penelope Magoulianiti is an author and entrepreneur based in Cyprus, Europe. Her passionate mission is to empower women and help them grow and thrive in the modern world, freeing their full potential. An inspirational and engaging individual, Penelope connects with audiences across the globe helping each person to make a positive change. Penelope also runs two businesses and she is a published author of Women, Motherhood & Independence, which has been translated in 3 different languages. In order to keep sharing her ideas and create positive discussions, she created workshops and she is giving many talks. She is also one of the co-founders of YinAlithea Cyprus Women’s Conference, as well as the creator of online programs. These are amazing platforms for women to get together, share their stories and change their lives for the better! Penelope is also a wife and loving mother. She enjoys spending quality time with her two young kids and balance her life with her work, believing that every woman is unique and deserves to feel truly special. Working in the corporate world for 20 years gave Penelope the knowledge but also the drive to follow her dreams and create a different career path for her and her family. “Don’t be afraid to dream. Dare to work on your dreams and just take action.” Penelope Magoulianiti Penelope has been featured in many magazines and has also given interviews on Radios and TV. She was also one of the finalist at Business Women of the Year Awards 2016.

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