Adam Strong

Adam Strong

Adam Strong


Adam has helped people who are in employment, young entrepreneurs, business owners, women especially. Through AEPAS the Association of Extraordinary PA’s Adam helps mainly women (as the industry is mainly female dominant) grow their confidence, change their mindset, and teaches them transformational skills which enable them to develop their careers, transition to senior management, or from employment to entrepreneurship. I strongly believe that we should acknowledge and thank men who are supporting women and give them the recognition they deserve. Adam does this very passionately and shares his wealth of knowledge and experience to support and also motivate women to achieve more. His efforts are admirable.

Adam gives great advice and helps women build their confidence so that they can become great achievers and not be limited by any misbeliefs or held back by any obstacles. He creates relationships and connects people where he sees opportunities for collaboration. I admire his dedication to continue to develop himself and the way he inspires others to do the same.

The Association of Extraordinary PA’s AEPAS that Adam founded to help women achieve more is only one example of Adam’s contribution to help support women. He is creating women leaders, the ones who will also inspire others. AEPAS is only the tip of the iceberg so to say when it comes to the support Adam gives to us women. I know so many people he has added a lot of value to and helped them and their businesses grow. I also believe he is a great role model for other men to become more supportive as well. He would be a great Migrant Woman Award Best Man.

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