Amal Alamuddin


Amal Alamuddin


Amal arrived with her family in London in 1980, aged just two, escaping the violence and civil war in Lebanon. Amal earned a scholarship to Oxford University in 1996 and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in law in 2000, having developed an interest in human rights. Amal then moved on to New York University and achieved her master’s degree in 2002. From there she was employed by a US law firm, one of the top ranked in the world. Amal took on many famous high profile cases and then with a new focus on international law, she became part of a United Nations tribunal to prosecute the persons responsible for the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafic Hariri.

Amal returned to London in 2010 to work as a barrister, with a focus on civil liberties, and several high-profile cases in international courts, including the defence of former Ukranian prime minster Yulia Tymoshenko. Amal has also contributed to the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict initiative, which works to defend the rights of women in war zones.

Amal is of course, also famous for her marriage to the Hollywood actor George Clooney, living together in London and a wonderful philanthropic commitment was shown when donating the money from their wedding photos to a human rights charity. A great inspiration.

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