Avnish Goyal

Avnish Goyal

Avnish Goyal


I remember being at a Tony Robbins event with Avnish – I wanted to dance off the stage however the people in charge of the dancing said No. I went to ‘complain’ to my friend Avnish (I am not normally one to complain) – instead of listening to my moaning and slagging off the person who said NO, he simply said ‘why are you telling me this? If you want to dance on that stage – go make it happen!’ I did and was dancing on stage moments later! Avnish has encouraged me to ‘live my life to the full.’ He has built an amazing business, however he also contributes so positively to those around him.

  1. He employs hundreds of people in amazing care homes and strives to be the best.
  2. He invests in his team everyday – and puts on wonderful empowerment events for them
  3. He now invites other care home owners to come and see the great work he is doing – I mean, who normally invites ‘The competition’ to come and learn and doesn’t charge them!
  4. He regularly sponsors people to turn their dreams into a reality, through jobs, their book writing, tickets to events etc
  5. He has been an inspiration to me – helping me to take my life to the next level and strive to make a bigger difference with my every day dreams, and I know I am not alone in being very grateful for the impact he has had in my life. He is making a massive difference and it should be recognised.

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