Barbara Chabior – Founder of Yescience © paradigm

Barbara Chabior – Founder of Yescience © paradigm


Barbara Chabior moved from Poland to London in 2002 in search of fresh creative ideas and the inspiration necessary to realise her vision of international Say Yes Spa-ce, Holistic Playgrounds® where people’s psyche and soma can flow in consonant harmony with their environment. She was immersed in the natural world during her childhood in a small village in the mountains of southern Poland and realised later how vital the expression of play, interaction with our surroundings and the freedom of intrapsychic dynamics are to our being in the world. This breakthrough came while she was working in the British social care system and discovered the constant flow that exists in states of meaning and meaninglessness, of positive and negative, of passion and neutrality.

Barbara is currently developing her Yescience © paradigm, an integral model of expressive arts therapy based on elements of epigenetics, psychodynamics and quantum physics. She intends to create City in Novations®, a radical complement to the existing structures of social and health care, education and welfare guided by her idea of Flove© and open to awareness of new ways of cultivating unbiased perception of others, events and environments. The work starts from a transformation of our inner selves, infatuations and resistances into a state of wholeness, neutral and in balance.

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