Bindar Dosanjh – Property Investor, Mentor, Trainer Founder of Female Property Alliance

Bindar Dosanjh – Property Investor, Mentor, Trainer Founder of Female Property Alliance


Bindar Dosanjh is an Multiple Award winning, financially free property investor, Property Mentor, Trainer, International Speaker and Lawyer with a portfolio worth several millions of pounds all done part time and as a single parent. She has mentored hundreds and hundreds of people just like you on this process to enable her students to quit the rat race of a job and unleash their dreams with the support of passive income from property. Bindar has created a network called Female Property Alliance ( )of like minded women who either are considering investing in property but don’t know how and where to start, those who have just started investing and the seasoned investors who all get together on a monthly basis networking, getting educated, connecting and inspiring each other all with the same aim of financial independence. Bindar through her experience always tells her students “you don’t have to be passionate about property but you have to be passionate about your life”. When money is not an issue then women can start living and taking control of their own destiny.

Her Mission in life is “empower, educate and inspire people, mainly women to take control of their financial destiny to impact the next generation. Her Motto is “if I can do it so can you”. In her spare time she provides free legal advice for her Local Advice Centre and the Domestic Violence Units. In her real spare time she enjoys spending quality time with her family and also does some crazy stuff for various charities including – Make a Wish Foundation such as climbing Kilimanjaro, Inca Trail, running the London Marathon.

From humble beginnings to award winning property millionaire.


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