Daniel Nelson

Daniel Nelson

Daniel Nelson


Daniel has been involved in supporting migrants to have a voice and to raise awareness about their situation and contribution since we set up Migrant Voice, bringing decades of experience as a journalist, an editor as well as a lecturer in journalism. He advises the organisation regularly on best ways to engage with the media and has provided us contacts with journalists. Daniel has done individual mentoring and one to one support to our members to strengthen their message and help them to have a voice. He understands migrants but he also brings the British perspective to ensure our work is effective and builds an understanding both ways.

Everything he does for us, and the team of women at Migrant Voice, is on a voluntary basis. We are lucky to have the in-kind support of a highly professional person as we cannot afford to pay his fees. He works from the heart and is passionate about bringing communities together and helping those who are unheard to have a voice.

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