Giovana Vega – Forex Trader, International Speaker and Author

Giovana Vega – Forex Trader, International Speaker and Author


Giovana is a Forex Trader, International Speaker and Author who grew up in Peru. Always ready for new adventures and learning new skills, she never hesitates to make decisions and is always open to new opportunities.

Back in 1997, Giovana made the move to Holland and had a smooth integration into Netherland’s culture, learning to speak and study bookkeeping in Dutch. After her studies, she found a job in a major cacao and coffee trading company in Amsterdam and worked for many years in the company’s finance and controlling department.

While on the job, she started to learn about the foreign exchange market after realising the abundance of advantages the market offers, and in 2014, she embarked on her journey into the world of foreign exchange.

Giovana is a very curious person by nature. Her initial inability to read financial charts pushed her to want to master them even more. She sought out information on how to trade effectively and from her thorough research, came to discover that the financial sector and the Forex market were far less complicated than imagined. And even more exciting discovery for her was realising that the field mostly dominated by men was more advantageous to women. This is because women tend to exercise more patience and be more conservative in their approach to trading; they are also likely to trade less frequently than men, ultimately creating a significant positive impact on the performance of their trades.

She also uncovered priceless practical knowledge required to trade successfully in Forex; the fact that it’s not compulsory to be a financial or mathematical wizard before achieving success. The key to consistency is finding a strategy that matches your personality and lifestyle, as well as learning not to make emotion-based decisions. Giovana is aware that there are a lot of misconceptions about women in trading, which in turn prevent more women from participating. She is also the founder of Trading for Women that helps women to achieve their goals in the trading sector. As such, she is passionate about rousing women to take control of their financial future, and continuously encourages those who are willing that there is no need to be intimidated. Trading, more than any other field is a primary business concern, and irrespective of gender, any participant with good performance will get more financial backing. Giovana knows this and so is firmly convinced in her heart that women can become amazing forex traders.

In 2016, Giovana completed her training program as a trader of the foreign exchange market and received her certificate at the University Rey Juan Carlos and Forex Duet Academy, Madrid.

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