Frederika Roberts


Frederika Roberts


Frederika is of dual Italian and German nationality, born in Italy, growing up in Luxembourg, and then moving to the UK over 25 years ago to study for her degree. She met her husband at Bradford University and has lived in Yorkshire ever since.

Frederika co-founded Resilience Wellbeing Success. RWS is designed to inspire, educate and motivate primary school pupils. It is based around developing skills in resilience, mental and physical wellbeing, and setting goals and building success in all areas of life (health, school, relationships, hobbies) and is typically set over 9-11 weeks. Frederika is an integral part of this programme and inspires young children with her story and equips them with tools to deal with their own challenges moving forward.

Not only does Frederika run a successful business, one that inspires the future generation, but she is an incredible Mum to her two daughters.

Both of Frederika’s daughters were born with congenital heart disease. Charlie her eldest had open heart surgery at 4 years old. Out of the blue at the age of 12, she had an out of hospital cardiac arrest, and amazingly Charlie made a complete recovery, and is now making plans for University.

Hannah her youngest, was born with a rare heart disease; pulmonary atresia. Frederika and her husband were advised to terminate the pregnancy, but they didn’t. At just ten days old, her new born baby stopped breathing in Frederika’s arms and her heart stopped. Yet she beat the odds and survived. At ten months old Hannah had open heart surgery, and again in 2014 at the age of 14. Hannah is now making plans to attend sixth form college.

After everything Frederika and her family have been through, it is hard to imagine a family who laugh and love more. Yet, Frederika constantly gives more; she is driven to improve the mental health and resilience of young people in education through RWS, and to improve the mental and emotional health of business audiences through her Happiness Ingredients and RWS programme.

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