Ivana de Haan – Entrepreneur/ Founder of Ivana Bag

Ivana de Haan – Entrepreneur/ Founder of Ivana Bag


Although born in Smederevska Palanka, Serbia (former Yugoslavia), I, Ivana de Haan, was raised in the Netherlands. Two years ago, I have decided to make a career switch, to do something completely different with my life and to get the most out of it. I prefer to do something with passion and from the heart. Something that I am good at and that makes me and a lot of other women happy. That is how the idea came to me to make my own high-end handbags. Women and bags are simply inseparatable. We all love it.
The design is based on a single basic model. The MAX me and the MINI me. I have designed and created something very “mine” that’s never done before in high-end bags. The Switchy; a changeable part at the front of the bag. With this, I created the opportunity for every woman to wear “the bag” for every occasion, that represents your personality and shows who you are. Now it’s possible to have your own unique identity expressed through an IVANA Bag. Choose your own style, casual, business, color, and material. Even (white) gold or with diamonds. What about your own name on your bag? Everything is possible. The sky is the limit. Being in the possession of having an IVANA Bag, it simply is not just a bag, but above all, it’s a feeling: a real happening with a personal note. Show who you are! We guarantee that there is no bag available in the world the same as the one you composite. Why? Because you are unique and impossible to copy. How fantastic is that? Now you can make the difference.

Get inspired by the endless possibilities and – as Ivana says: Dare to be yourself

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