Laura Timm – Entrepreneur, International Speaker

Laura Timm – Entrepreneur, International Speaker


Laura Timm is an International Ultra-High Achievement Authority. She immigrated from the small Baltic country of Estonia in 2010, after rebranding herself as Business Systems Consultant and Success Coach in the UK, Laura has become known as a Trusted Mentor, Stellar Leader, Entrepreneurial Maverick and Elite Speaker. She helps her coaching students achieve high levels of success and shares her vast knowledge in business and life to global audiences. Laura is passionate about inspiring women to become High Achievers and shows them how to truly have Success Without Limits in life and business.

Laura has recently launched a New Global Business Club called the Millionaire Underdog Club London which brings together entrepreneurs, business owners, investors, health experts and coaches with the mission to help elevate their business, health and wealth not just locally but globally. Laura is also working on a new very exciting project to empower women by giving them access to be able to listen and learn from highly successful and accomplished international women. This project will be launched during summer months.

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