Laura Timm

Laura Timm


Laura Timm emigrated to the UK from Estonia in 2010 and started her new life here as a systems consultant. She has since moved on to become a trusted mentor, stellar leader and elite speaker. Laura has never let the challenges she has faced stop her in any way she and encourages everyone to see challenges as opportunities to grow and do things differently.

Laura founded her Coaching and Speaking Business to help people achieve more success and is currently working on a new and exciting project for empowering women. She loves sharing her wealth of knowledge in both life and business and is passionate about inspiring and helping women from different backgrounds to achieve more in their lives.

Laura has spoken on the same stages with some of the world’s greatest names, including the well renowned Business Coach JT Foxx, ‘The Apprentice’ judge and author of two bestselling books George Ross, the American rapper, actor and television host Vanilla Ice, the Founding Partner of A&M Capital Real Estate, Hugh Hilton and many others.

Laura is also the co-founder and club owner of the Millionaire Underdog Club London which brings together high level entrepreneurs, business owners, investors and health experts. It connects members globally over 5 continents as part of an international network of business clubs.

Laura has been recognised for her successes in life and business and for continuously motivating everyone around her to achieve more by the Success Resources of Estonia (Edu Akadeemia) who awarded her with the “Achiever 2015” title.

Laura is an inspiration for seeing that when she makes things possible for her, they also become possible for others.


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