Luann Ip – Entrepreneur, business owner

Luann Ip – Entrepreneur, business owner


Luann Ip is an entrepreneur, business owner, a mother of a 5 year old, a yoga lover and a Wing Chun (Kungfu) beginner.

Luann is the founder of SME Solutions and Dutch Business Incorporation based in Amsterdam. SME Solutions facilitate small and medium sizes businesses from South East Asia expanding their businesses into the Netherlands or via the Netherlands into other European countries.

Dutch Business Incorporation offers a various of incorporation packages for setting up a business in the Netherlands.

Luann grew up in Hong Kong, she lived in a self-made hut built on top of a mountain with her 7 siblings and parents. Her parents were illiterate and embedded with old traditional Chinese thinking. Being a daughter in the family like her other four sisters were discouraged to study and follow their dream.

However, as a youngster, Luann was determined to learn English and study aboard. When she was 19, she was offered a job working in London as an au-pair. She then studied English and later finished her professional and Master study in London.

After her studies, Luann has worked with a number of well-known corporate organisation located in cities such as Hong Kong, London, Beijing, Luxembourg and Amsterdam. With more than 10 years working experience, Luann has gained valuable insights into developing relationship with people, business development and discovering business opportunities.

She launched SME Solutions in 2014 and later Dutch Business Incorporation because she saw a gap between the big corporate services providers offering tailored services to start ups, small and medium sizes companies with more flexible prices.

She is inspired by Jack Ma of that if we flight in the ocean, we lose, but if we fight in the river, we win.


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