Margarita Natasha Andruskiene

Margarita Natasha Andruskiene

Margarita Natasha Andruskiene


Margarita founded the Aphrodite Aesthetics & Beauty Clinic. Margarita offers many treatments at the clinic, semi-permanent make up, skin treatments, facials, waxing. She comes from a medical background which is reassuring when it comes to treatments like semi-permanent make up. Margarita is well trained in her field and is interested in her clients and the work she performs, also her working environment is comfortable and spotless.

Her work is very artistic, and she has a creative response to any beauty problem you take to her. Margarita has a good sense of humour and puts clients at ease. It makes the visits to her relaxing and fun, but at the same time she is very professional, supportive and generous, and whose advice can be trusted.

Margarita came to the UK when she was very young, and worked hard as a young mother. That alone takes courage, to build a life as a young woman in another country, and learn how a culture is and decide to be part of it. Margarita is now married with a grown daughter and a young family and has worked for many years in the NHS. Her fantastic sense of humour and lovely personality is evidence enough of how she has integrated and become friends with the people around her.

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