Melissa Sandford

Melissa Sandford

Melissa Sandford


Melissa is a huge advocate for the Chiropractic profession to benefit the world! In the Chiropractic profession she is such a leading light – however through her help, she is influencing health care in the world. Every Chiropractor or Chiropractic assistant she inspires will go and help the public, which impacts communities and generations.

Melissa runs events, helps people with any challenges, and in addition to all that she does with her career, she has 6 children! She manages her life in an inspiring way balancing being a great mum. Melissa is from Australia and a true example of an amazing migrant woman.

This magnificent lady has shown that it is possible to migrate from Australia and leave her family and friends and teaching career, to make a life teaching, supporting others and bringing up her 6 children. She has full integrated and become a leader in her field not only in the UK but she also gets invited to support people and events all over the world. Then to migrate to Spain and continue serving in the UK whilst living there, again making the transition seem so easy.

Melissa constantly recognises and serves others. However she is very unassuming and would be so surprised to be nominated, let alone win an award.

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