Monika Hajdu – Founder of Balancing Reiki

Monika Hajdu – Founder of Balancing Reiki


Monika Hajdu is a successful reiki practitioner and mind-set coach. She is the founder of Balancing Reiki, and the creator of ‘Balanced Life’, a mind-set change program. Monika began her journey on a spiritual path over 20 years ago. After working with people in a variety of settings, including as an Outreach worker and in her role as an SEN teaching assistant for over 10 years, she finally found her true calling and became a reiki practitioner. She began to incorporate mind-set coaching into her reiki sessions, to varying degrees according to her clients’ needs. Monika found that people with a positive mind-set heal more quickly. Hence, she created a mind-set changing program which provides her clients with a solid foundation for positive change.

As a hobby, Monika also writes children’s stories.


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