Nadia McInnis

Nadia McInnis

Nadia McInnis


She has grown into an inspiring motivational speaker, positive role model and entrepreneur. She has done this with a family to look after. A lot of young people have been motivated to stay in school and attend university. Others have found their passion and fully committed themselves to making their desired future happen. I remember a few months ago, she posted a wonderful video on YouTube. I was so fired up that I have watched it 5-7 times already. She has a compelling story. She is a person of lovely character and exceptional kindness.

Nadia faced many challenges in coming to the UK. She left Jamaica after her siblings were shot in their home. Her security was at risk. Nadia embraced the British hospitality, settled in and is now part of the fabric of society. She has made herself useful to others as a good friend and role model. Nadia dreams of a global organisation that will help set many young people whose lives are disrupted by gangs and violence back on the right path. She does not give up on them. Her conviction that no matter your past, you can still bring your gift to the world and be a success, resonates with many.

Far too often young people are written off or discouraged from pursuing their dream. She whole-heartedly believes different. No matter where you slipped off the path, you can get back on your path of life. Identifying your particular gift is key to unlocking the greatest future. This message is essential and delivered in an engaging and excellent manner.

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