Onder Sahan

Onder Sahan

Onder Sahan


Onder first came to London 25 years ago, originally only for a temporary stay and he spoke very little English. He did all kinds of work, factory ironing, in a coffee shop and then as a cook in a restaurant. He then opened his first Turkish restaurant in central London and grew that to a chain of 19, all very successful and now employs over 400 people rich in diversity. Yet despite his success, he remains a modest man

It is a wonderful story and one where he has so many happy people working for him and happy customers that fill his restaurants and enjoy his food. He does not discriminate and has many women employed and in management. What has really impressed me is his vision in creating the Docklands Academy that gives migrant men and women so many useful skills including English language, increasing their confidence and helping with integration. Some of these people will be entrepreneurs and restaurant owners of the future.

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