Rebeca Riofrio – CEO of Art in Fusion TV

Rebeca Riofrio – CEO of Art in Fusion TV



Rebeca Riofrio is the founder of Art-Infusion TV and a marketing manager at the Anglia Ruskin University London. Rebeca has been involved in the higher education business in the UK for the last 15 years and Art in Fusion TV has been stablished since 2013. During her early working life Rebeca became the “eyes” of American novelist, travel writer and renowned war correspondent, Martha Gellhorn, whose eyesight had sadly deteriorated. Gellhorn first achieved international recognition for bravely covering the Spanish Civil War with her then husband Ernest Hemingway. The legendary war reporter inspired Rebeca to not just follow what she saw around her, but to express what she felt about it. Moreover, Gellhorn encouraged Rebeca to balance her artistic creativity with her business mind. Rebeca has had the opportunity to work with luxury brands like Lamborghini – Ferrari – Dior – Dolce & Gabbana to name few and with designers from all around the world, both in fashion and photography, as well as becoming a fashion and marketing consultant, commercial director, and has led several marketing campaigns for luxury brands around the world. Currently, Art in Fusion TV reaches an audience of 2’010,000 weekly viewers and is streamed in cable and provides content to 35 different countries. Art-Infusion TV also has several partnerships with 5 different mega international magazines that publish direct news from us.

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