Rehab Jameel

Rehab Jameel

Rehab Jameel


Over the past ten years Rehab has been involved with many UK charitable organisations to facilitate refugees and asylum seekers’ integration and to fight against FGM that is still being practiced in some communities in the UK. FGM practice is illegal in the UK. However, there is no sign that lets us believe it will end soon. It is a practice that touches the heart of a girl’s ability to make decisions about her own life and her own body.

As a Muslim who has experienced FGM at a very young age, Rehab has become a role model in advancing women and girls’ rights by successfully completing her university post graduate education in the UK (MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development from University of Cambridge). This gave her the confidence and skills to help other women like her to reject FGM. Her campaign against FGM has inspired many refugees, migrants and asylum seekers who are still trapped in their cultures and traditions that are not compatible with human rights.

Rehab developed and implemented sustainable development policies and environmental systems manual for the charity sector including Save the Children UK. This enabled Save the Children UK to achieve accreditation of ‘ISO 14001’ in 2007. Over the last five years, she has also been involved in designing and implementing sustainable development polices in her home country Sudan and in some European countries.

Rehab works with some youth groups like the Youth Factor Club in London to raise awareness and discuss issues related to Muslim identity question and also to find ways to enhance integration with the host communities. If this nomination is successful, the Migrant Woman of the Year Award will be recognition of her outstanding leadership and tireless efforts in addressing and raising awareness about FGM issues. The award will be an encouragement to continue her work in order to eradicate FGM in the UK and also to enhance the integration of young Muslims into the society.

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