Rukhsana Malik

Rukhsana Malik

Rukhsana Malik


Within her befriending relationships Rukhsana’s clients have showed major changes within their physical and mental health. She has helped these extremely vulnerable housebound individuals re-connect with their community and other mainstream services. This has helped her clients become independent once again, giving them a better quality of life.

This woman truly is a superhero and genuinely wants to make a difference to the world we live in. She is fully aware of people that come from complex cases and is more than willing to help.

On many occasions Henna Asian Women’s Group has tried to offer a range of opportunities to Rukhsana but she constantly refuses as she feels that she does not have any hidden agendas of why she wants to help out within her local community. We feel that Ruksana should be recognised for all the hard work she puts into our charity and how she has changed many vulnerable individuals lives.

Ruksana has not only changed other people’s lives but has changed her own life as well. A few years ago, she was suffering from chronic arthritis but took control of the illness, and now advocates healthy lifestyles to those that have no understanding of what to do when faced with a medical issue.

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