Shari Mubarak – Entrepreneur

Shari Mubarak – Entrepreneur


Shari Mubarak specialises in helping small business owners build and grow their businesses with big ideas. Trained as an accountant and regulatory expert, she has more than 20 years’ experience in business strategy, leadership, recruiting high performing teams, project management on multimillion dollar implementation projects with a risk management bias whilst providing pragmatic solutions for her clients. She has worked in the banking industry; starting her career in Ernst & Young and going on to hold senior management roles with global organisations such as PricewaterhouseCoopers and Northern Trust. She has worked internationally with both start-up businesses and large banking clients and truly believes that small business owners are revolutionising the way wealth is created in the world.

 In 2013, Shari built her property portfolio from zero to multi- million pounds in 18 months. This allowed her to leave her corporate role to spend more time with her young daughter & family. Today, her portfolio has continued to grow and she has all the freedom she desires and a massive calling to share with others how to build wealth in business and life so that they can have more security for the future, create a legacy, and make a bigger impact in their community.

Shari live-streams about life, business and personal growth on her public figure FB page – Shari Mubarak Coaching & Consulting.



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