Tina Allton is a world leading relationship expert renowned for teaching you how to know your worth! She’s been published as one of the 100 most inspiring women in the world., she’s an entrepreneur, mentor and an international speaker. Tina along with her husband has created UK’s #1 multi award winning private podiatry brand, as well as the award winning global not for profit organisation called Undefeeted, which focuses on preventing avoidable diabetes related lower limb amputations. As one of the world’s leading relationship expert, Tina has spoken on the same stages as Al-Pacino, Sylvester Stallone, Jermain Jackson, Jay Abrahams, Lady Michelle Mone to mention but a few. As a young girl growing up, she was always told she was never good enough and was made to feel worthless.

Tina was set up to fail in life, however, at age 12, Tina decided that failure was not an option if she was to succeed, and aspire to a better life. Through her past, she studied hard, transforming her life, and has a unique ability to transform the lives of those in bad relationships to know their worth, as a result, she has developed a series of seminars and training programs called you’ve got worth. Tina works with organisations helping them to know how to forge stronger inter relationships within any business to foster faster business growth, she also works with couples and teaches you how to discover your true worth, how to support each other’s dreams and aspirations without losing your worth, and particularly with women, on how to know your worth, how to change your belief and start believing in yourself and fight for your future. If you need Tina to help you unmask, rebuild and fight for your future by discovering your true worth, visit www.tinaallton.com

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