Zenobia Nadirshaw

Zenobia Nadirshaw


For over 40 years, Zenobia has fought for the rights of the vulnerable people in Society — including people with mental health problems, people with learning disabilities and their carers, and disabled people who remain invisible within Society. She has created changes in the teaching curriculum of post-graduate studies in clinical psychology with reference to raising the impact of `race` and culture in the assessment, formulation and Intervention work in the teaching and training of Clinical psychologists so that the future psychology workforce are competent to work in a multi-ethnic British Society. She has acted as a National Assessor for Consultant Psychologists posts in the NHS as well as in the private sectors.

Zenobia is absolutely the most outstanding migrant woman I ever met, she has been a great role model not only as a migrant woman but an inspiration for every woman in the world. She has achieved so much in life and she is such a wonderful positive person. For all her academic and related research work, Zenobia has been granted 3 Honorary Doctorates from 3 different Universities in England. As a migrant woman from India, she makes all migrant women feel proud of their identity and able to build their confidence to achieve more in life.

Zenobia has helped many women in their growth while she has been a great mentor, and most of the time she does this not because she is financially rewarded but because she is passionate on helping people, especially women. She is very caring, very giving and she really deserves to be recognised for the love that she has given to everyone that she met and helped to transform their lives.

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